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Do you own a busted computer that you need fixed? Does it take 2 hours for your PC to boot up? Are you ready to throw your computer out of a window? We can take a look to see how to get your computer back up and running again.
Do you have an idea for a t-shirt design, need cover art for your publication, or even need a logo for your company? Another one of our specialties. Take a look in our portfolio section for samples of our work. If you like any,
request a quote.

Are you looking to develop an e-commerce website or setup a site for yourself or for your company? Or do you need your current site updated? You came to the
right place. We’ve been doing

web design for over 10 years.

Do you have too many pop-ups to handle? Are there inappropriate websites showing up on your screen? Are you having trouble visiting websites? Not a problem, we have over 10 years of experience in removing viruses, spyware & malware.
Tainted Flesh - Web Design
East Side Dave - Custom Graphics
NY Snakes - T-Shirt Graphics
Tainted Flesh Tattoo Studio
East Side Dave Poster
NY Snakes T-Shirt Design
This was a website designed for a Tattoo Studio located in Pennsylvania.
This design was created for SiriusXM on-air talent East Side Dave MacDonald. The poster was for a listener campaign to get him a raise.
This 3-color design was created for an online t-shirt retailer. The premise of the design was for a fictional sports team with a mascot based off of a character from a popular movie.